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The world of diagnostic technology is ever evolving with new and innovative scan tools.
Logicar explains that it recently brought one of the world’s leading scan tool brands to the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Expo: Thinkcar.
It says the Thinkcar scan tools stand out among other brands, providing users with seamless speeds to diagnose problems faster, with greater accuracy.
“It is important to choose the right scan tool for any workshop, especially if it is used daily to streamline the repair process, leading to quicker turnaround times on vehicle diagnosis and return on investment in your scan tool,” Logicar Chief Executive Officer, Colette Kirby, said.
“Options now available, with the advancement of built-in video remote services, include DoIP, D-PDU, and CAN FD support, comprehensive OBDII diagnostics and services to advanced coding and programming, and even an option for a scan tool with built in TPMS module.
“You can add ADAS, HD and EV all in one scan tool – ask us about the Thinktool Master X2, the no nonsense scan tool.”
There are multiple factors to consider when choosing a scan tool for your business including functions, compatibility, software, user experience, maintenance, OBD-II system and price range for entry level and high-end workshops.
“Logicar recommends researching for the right scan tool that is suitable for your business,” Colette said.
“As vehicle advancements take on digitised components, these scan tools provide greater profit opportunities for businesses.
“Logicar has been an expert in diagnostics for many years, offering a large range of scan tools from entry level to advanced.
“We will take the time to understand your requirements and help you make the decision that best suits the complexity of your needs.
“And we understand small/medium business needs as we are one too, so call today and feel free to book an after-hours discussion if you have time constraints during your workday!”

For further information, contact Logicar via or call 1300 322 782.