The Precision Automotive Equipment Vehicle Hoists Category Manager is one of only two in the world (outside of North America) to hold the certification

Australia’s Precision Automotive Equipment says it has always placed a major emphasis on ensuring that its team members are trained to the highest international levels of automotive workshop equipment technology and servicing expertise.
Fitting in perfectly with the BAPCOR-owned company’s commitment to providing its automotive workshop customers with the most highly qualified equipment experts, is the latest certification gained by the company’s Vehicle Hoists Category Manager, Christopher Ciardi.
Christopher has become one of two people in the world who have currently achieved this highest level of automotive lift inspection certification outside of North America.
Achieving this incredibly exclusive level of vehicle lift inspection certification was comprehensive and intense. Christopher first sat a 150 question pre-exam to determine eligibility in Melbourne, which required a pass rate of 80 percent or better to progress to the next stage.
Upon successfully passing this pre-exam, Christopher then travelled to the United States to undergo a three day training course located at Rotary Lift’s world leading training facility located in Madison, Indiana.
Next came a gruelling 300 question exam that required a 100 percent pass score along with 12 practical lift inspections, each taking four to five hours duration. The whole ALI training and examination process took six days to complete outside of study time.
“While it did involve intense study and the accompanying levels of pressure, I have to say that I enjoyed this training process greatly,” Christopher said.
“The ALI team were very supportive throughout it and this certification is testament to their commitment to safety by providing training certifications that are unparalleled anywhere in the world in their comprehensive detail.
“One of the major benefits is the higher level of training that I am now able to conduct with our dedicated team of 39 Precision Automotive Equipment technicians working across the country.
“Our customers will continue to benefit from the best possible service and advice as always, but now at even greater levels.”
Precision Automotive Equipment General Manager, Peter Hewitt, says Christopher brings a level of vehicle lift expertise that does not exist anywhere else in the world outside of North America and the UAE.
“The effort that Christopher has made to achieve such an exclusive level of training in vehicle lift technology, safety and servicing is truly remarkable. He brings a level of expertise that can only be found with us in the Southern Hemisphere,” Peter said.
“It is another example of our people and our company’s commitment to providing the highest levels of quality in our equipment accompanied by world leading levels of training that Christopher’s ALI Certified Lift Inspector qualification brings.
“It is another highly impressive step and commitment to his long-term career with Precision Automotive Equipment.”
Along with visiting manufacturing facilities for factory approved training courses, Precision Automotive Equipment often welcomes global equipment manufacturer experts to Australia to conduct staff training that is specific to Australian automotive aftermarket customer requirements, using the company’s own national training and demonstration facility located in Brisbane.

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