Expanding on its offering for back-of-ute solutions, ARB is pleased to introduce the ARB Bed Rack

The ARB Bed Rack is a versatile carrying solution for the modern-day dual cab, packed with features that allow you to mount and carry accessories to best suit your set-up.
One of the unique elements of the ARB Bed Rack is the north-south configuration, which doesn’t impede on open tub carrying, for instance when loading a motorbike.
ARB’s engineers have also considered rooftop tent applications, strategically designing the Bed Rack rail to sit lower than the roof of the cabin to minimise wind drag that commonly comes with mounting a rooftop tent.
When it comes to making the Bed Rack your own, the options are endless, says ARB.
Featuring the popular BASE Rack dovetail along the bottom and inner side of the Bed Rack rail, this provides the foundation for accessories like Bed Rack cross bars, full platform BASE Rack plus mounts, universal accessory brackets, Molle panels and storage case mounts, just to name a few.
In addition to this, customers have the full range of ARB BASE Rack accessories to choose from.
To ensure that the Bed Rack truly was versatile, ARB says its engineers knew that having a high dynamic load capacity was vital.
Drawing from many years of manufacturing top-of-the-line canopies, ARB says it knew the location of the strong mounting points on each individual vehicle’s tub and utilised this to achieve a dynamic load rating of 150 kilograms.
Ultimately, ARB says its Bed Rack is one the most versatile back-of-ute offerings in the market and paired with ARB’s extensive range of supporting accessories from the BASE Rack, you truly can make it your own.

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