MAHLE says this new launch is revolutionising Driver Assistance System Calibration

MAHLE says its new TechPRO Digital ADAS 2.0 is reshaping the landscape of driver assistance system calibration, offering simplicity, reliability, and efficiency to automotive professionals worldwide.
It says this revolutionary system boasts patented Targetless technology, eliminating the need for additional panels and ensuring adaptability across various car makers’ reference protocols.

Key features and benefits:
• Targetless technology: the core of the system, MAHLE’s patented Targetless technology, guarantees versatility and seamless adaptation to any existing or future car maker’s protocols.
• User-friendly interface: say goodbye to complex calibration procedures. The system’s intuitive interface guides users through every step, minimising learning curves and maximising efficiency.
• Fully automatic calibration: with automatic frame adjustments and virtual target movements, calibration becomes a hands-off experience. The car remains stationary throughout the process, ensuring precision without the need for manual adjustments.
• Keystone system: the self-adaptive Keystone system evaluates environmental and physical conditions, ensuring extreme accuracy in calibration. The system dynamically adjusts digital target images for optimal results.
• Universal coverage: TechPRO Digital ADAS 2.0 offers extensive market coverage, continuously updated to keep pace with evolving automotive technologies.

Further enhancements with digital ADAS 2.0:
• Reduced calibration times: experience lightning-fast calibration thanks to integrated laser meters directly connected to the diagnosis, providing instant parameter acquisition for swift adjustments.
• Plate recognition function: optional in select markets, the plate recognition function streamlines the calibration process, eliminating guesswork and saving time with just one click.
• Clear 3D tutorial guidance: navigate calibration procedures with confidence using clear 3D video tutorials directly accessible from the diagnostic tool interface. Eliminate uncertainties and ensure accurate calibration every time.
• Wireless transmission laser meters: automatic acquisition of vehicle alignment parameters with wireless transmission laser meters ensures error-free calibration, allowing professionals to focus on the task at hand without wasting time.

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