This XGG shock absorber range is new from Tough Gear Trading

The Xtreme Gravel Gear (XGG) range of shock absorbers have been designed for 4WD enthusiasts who demand the ultimate in ‘on and off-road’ performance, says Tough Gear Trading.
“Our Twin tube and mono tube shock absorbers are engineered for optimal performance, providing the perfect balance of control and comfort, no matter the terrain,” XGG Managing Director, Billy Van Der Mescht, said.
“With advanced features such as high-quality materials, superior damping control, and unmatched durability, XGG is the perfect choice for drivers who demand the best.
“Whether you are tackling tough trails or cruising down the highway, XGG will provide the confidence and control you need to push your vehicle to the limits.”
The Xtreme Gravel Gear (XGG) Off-Road Suspension systems are available for most makes and models of 4WDs, SUVs, Pick-ups, UTVs and ATVs and are manufactured and engineered using the highest standards and quality, says Tough Gear Trading. 
“All XGG shock absorbers are Nitro filled whilst using Fuchs Germany Racing Shock oil for the finest and best lubrication,” Billy said.
“All our shock absorbers are fitted with NOK Japan oil seals and O-rings and boast a Chromoly Push rod that is designed with strength and reliability in mind.”
Xtreme Gravel Gear (XGG) has recently introduced its offroad shock absorber line, catering to daily drivers, recreational off-roaders, and hardcore off-roaders. XGG shock absorbers are available in twin tube for the former two categories and Pro series monotube for the latter.
The Pro series is available in four models, the Pro series, Pro X series (rebound adjustable), Pro XS (remote res and Compression adjustment), and Pro XL (remote res with rebound and compression adjustment). Additionally, the Pro series coil over shocks come pre-assembled and feature adjustable spring levelling that helps level out the vehicle’s rake.
“XGG’s shock absorbers are designed to provide maximum performance in offroad conditions, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride while maintaining control over the vehicle,” Billy said.
“The Pro series is designed for hardcore off-roaders who demand the best performance from their vehicles. The adjustable features of the Pro series make it easy to fine-tune the shocks to suit specific driving conditions.”
XGG also offers a comprehensive range of products, including coil springs, hardware, offroad recovery gear, and accessories.
“With our New Zealand ownership and three-year limited factory warranty, XGG has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy brand in the offroad market. If you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle’s suspension, XGG’s shock absorbers are a must-have,” Billy said.

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