Tough Gear Trading is bringing Xtreme Gravel Gear to the Australian market

Like most established companies and corporates today, Tough Gear Trading (TGT) comes from humble beginnings.
In 2015 Gary Turner had a vision which grew from a passion for the auto parts sector, in particular the 4WD industry.
So, with the support of his family and an associate who also became a great friend and mentor, Gary embarked on a journey that led him to where TGT is finding itself today.
Gary’s focus was on seeing his dream (to deliver a quality brand in the area of his passion – adventure and the outdoors) come to fruition.
From this came a shared vision of a total solutions package from staff, suppliers, associates and customers alike. This was where the family’s idea to develop new products and expand the range whereby they began outsourcing and partnering with local manufacturers, came into play.
Over the years TGT has partnered with top-tier suppliers who bring quality products to its customer base and most recently with a NZ based company who is known for its quality recovery and suspension gear.
Now, TGT says it is elated and so proud to have partnered with Xtreme Gravel Gear NZ (XGG), which is now launching in Australia.
XGG specialises in suspension and recovery gear and now, in this partnership with TGT, says it aims to infiltrate the Australian market and expand the already rapidly growing industry with this top tier brand.
“Our passion allows us to focus on our brand and customer’s needs. Every decision is inspired by our main mission, which is to provide the highest standard of Off-road products and services to all our customers,” XGG Spokesperson, Billy Van Der Mescht, said.
“In this rapidly changing industry, we’ve realized the importance of continually updating our approach to stay relevant in the market, and we are committed to just that by ongoing R&D and listening to feedback from our customers using the XGG gear, whether it be a day trip to the beach, a trip to the mall or cross-country overlanding.”
Tough Gear Trading and XGG say they share many of the same ideals including connecting with like-minded people and building communities who are keen to explore the outdoors but who are also passionate about off roading and adventure.

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