Invicta says the new app is a perfect match for the Invicta Xero Battery

Invicta says it is taking lithium deep-cycle battery technology to the next level with the introduction of the Invicta Legion app, designed specifically to unleash the full potential of what it describes as its groundbreaking Invicta Xero range.
The Invicta Legion app is a free monitoring tool packed with features, but what truly sets it apart is its seamless integration with the Invicta Xero.
Unlike generic apps, Invicta says Legion delivers real-time, accurate data on individual batteries or your entire system, from 12V to 48V and up to 16 batteries connected in parallel.
Invicta says, “this magic happens thanks to the wired CAN bus communication system built into the Xero, allowing batteries to ‘talk’ to each other.”
The app provides a comprehensive live view of your battery system, including State of Charge, Temperature, Current, Voltage, Cell Voltage, Cycles Completed, Active Status, and past protection events for up to two separate systems, allowing you to monitor your 24V caravan and 12V 4×4 setup all from the convenience of your phone.
The Invicta Legion app arrives alongside the “revolutionary” Invicta Xero, which Invicta describes as “a true next-generation deep-cycle battery.”
The Xero boasts cutting-edge features like CANbus technology, Bluetooth connectivity, an IP67-rated case for superior protection, enhanced BMS performance, and a new internal design with laser-welded terminals.
All this is backed by Invicta’s “industry-leading” seven-year full replacement warranty and IEC 62619 certification for your peace of mind.
Invicta says Xero isn’t just about raw power; it is about unmatched versatility.
Available in 100Ah, 120Ah, 200Ah and 300Ah capacities, with the ability to connect up to 16 batteries in parallel or four in series, Invicta says these portable lithium powerhouses offer unmatched flexibility and performance in the market.
With a proven track record of over five years, Invicta says Invicta Lithium is a pioneer in lithium battery technology, stating the Invicta Xero and Legion app are the next chapter in its commitment to innovation, building on the groundbreaking Invicta Hybrid batteries.
You can download the free Invicta Legion app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

To learn more about the Invicta Xero, visit your nearest Invicta reseller or contact Invicta Lithium directly at