For computer-controlled alternators

The JAS Oceania AD100+ Alternator Tester and Kit is said to be a must-have tool for any automotive professional working with computer-controlled alternators. 
Paul Keenan of JAS Technical Training and Quality Control, states it is “the best tool for testing smart alternators on-or-off the vehicle.” 
Computer controlled alternators are unable to be tested using previous methods, and they can be also quite difficult and time consuming to remove for testing, states Paul. 
JAS says it is proud to introduce the AD100+ unit to the Australian market, noting its ability to identify the alternators protocol and accurately test its operation. 
With various protocols used by manufacturers, this unit can identify and control the alternator output to give accurate results, identifying issues such as slipping harmonic balancers, belts, connections and of course a faulty alternator, eliminating costly time in mis diagnosis. 
With its user-friendly design, clear screen with large font, and sealed, soft-touch buttons, operating the tester is said to be effortless. The long connecting cable and included plug looms make it easy to test alternators, no matter their configuration. 
The AD100+ is also capable of testing a wide range of protocols, including LIN, BSS, RLO, SIG, PD, RVC, COM, DFM, F, and FR. This makes it a versatile tool that can be used on a wide range of alternators, ensuring that technicians have the right tool for the job. 
Another important feature of the AD100+ is its 12-24v operation, which makes it suitable for use on a wide range of vehicles.
The AD100+ is the selected tester that JAS uses itself in its R&D workshop, with the Paul stating that after testing many, this was by far the superior tester to give the correct information in the fastest period. 
Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, JAS says the AD100+ is the ultimate solution for testing computer-controlled alternators.

For further info, visit www.jasoceania.com.au or call your local branch.