CoolDrive Auto Parts says the entire Jaylec Black Series has been built to a high standard

The Jaylec Black Series alternator range from CoolDrive Auto Parts continues to grow, recently expanding its offerings for four-wheel-drives while also welcoming products for the heavy-duty transport and trucking markets.
Launched two years ago with five units specifically for the performance market, the Jaylec Black Series range has undergone significant growth in this short time with 18 units now available for a variety of industry segments.
For the four-wheel-drive sector, there are three new Black Series alternators to suit popular model Toyota LandCruisers and HiLuxes, and the Ford F Series.
These alternators are a direct replacement, giving users the ability to run all the accessories they want, with the confidence that their battery packs will be fully maintained.
The Black Series 240LC and 240FT deliver a charge rate of 240A Cold and 218A Hot, while the 140TH has a charge rate of 160A Cold and 148A Hot.
The two new heavy-duty alternators – the Black Series J180 and PAD – have both been designed and tested for over 500,000 kilometres on some of the roughest road conditions in Australia. 
CoolDrive Auto Parts says this rigorous design and testing phrase, combined with efficient cooling fans and the highest quality NSK bearings, ensures that they can replace and outperform the most popular units in the market today. 
It states that both units deliver a best-in class charge rate of 250A Cold and 230A Hot. 
An added benefit of the Black Series heavy-duty alternators is that the 12PV pulley is included with the unit to ease fitment, making it less time-consuming, thus reducing downtime for the trucks.  
CoolDrive Auto Parts says the entire Jaylec Black Series has been built to a high standard where reliability and performance are key, with the alternators designed specifically for vehicles that demand more than what the OE alternator offered – higher output (amperage) at lower cut-in speeds.
“The Jaylec Black Series range was developed by CoolDrive when the rotating electrical team identified a market segment which we believed was being underserviced by the industry,” CoolDrive Auto Parts Category Manager, David Haley, said. 
“Vehicles that require superior performance alternators are usually fitted with a high number of accessories that the vehicle manufacturer never considered when designing the architecture of the engine ancillaries. 
“The Jaylec Black Series thus gives customers the ability to run these accessories and customise their vehicle as needed, all in the knowledge that the correct power supply will support them.” 
The alternators are designed to run high-demand components at idle, such as dual thermos-fans, injection systems, air conditioning, electric steering, monitoring systems, upgraded lighting systems, winches, while maintaining the battery at the desired levels. 
All Jaylec Black Series alternators have been amperage rated Hot and Cold, which CoolDrive Auto Parts says is a leading point of difference for the range in the industry. 

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