Trico says you should replace wiper blades with every service

The checking of wiper blade wear is an integral part of ensuring the safety of your customers’ cars during each service visit.
This is a regularly overlooked service item that is so imperative as we head towards the forthcoming Winter season.
As experienced over the Summer holiday season, there are major increases in people deciding to take road holidays as opposed to fly-aways. This means more driving and usually in all manner of weather and heavy traffic conditions.
In most cases a motorist is not aware of the worn state of their wiper blades until the time comes that they need them the most.
To ensure that your customers are never placed in this dangerous position, regular wiper blade replacement in line with each service interval is essential.
Wiper blade wear can take place within a six-month timeframe and even less in some high mileage cases due to Ultraviolet (UV) exposure, rubber deteriorating oils collected from multiple vehicle exhausts, dirt and highway speed sand blasting.
Long periods of dry heat followed by extreme cold and wet conditions can also cause premature wiper blade wear.
Preparing your customers’ cars for the long, wet Winter season ahead is essential to ensure clear inclement weather visibility and enhanced road safety.
Automotive technicians can also use their knowledge to advise when conventional wiper blade frames also need to be replaced as these important wiper components are also subject to wear.
Adaptors and assemblies wear over time and can hinder wiper performance regardless of the condition of the rubber refill. A motorist is less likely to be aware of this potentially dangerous problem if they replace their own wiper refills.
Along with adding value to the service for your customers by professionally replacing worn wiper blades, it also represents an additional revenue earning opportunity for your business and also eliminates the need for your customers to locate, wrongly select and incorrectly fit wiper blade replacements themselves.
Trico says it offers Australian automotive service and repairers a market leading range of premium quality replacement wiper blades, arms and complete assemblies designed to directly fit the widest range of passenger, commercial and heavy-duty vehicles being driven on our roads.

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