Designed to enhance engine performance

JLM Lubricants designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of premium products for the automotive industry, distributed throughout Australia and NZ by the GCG Turbos Group.
GCG Turbos says the brand’s comprehensive range of products have set new standards for automotive care and maintenance.

JLM BorTec Oil Additive 250ml / J06050
This new generation ash-less boron ester-based friction reducer and anti-oxidant adds unique features to any standard motor oil. It is said to performs extremely well in synergy with traditional friction modifiers in common engine oils and in mid and low SAPS oils.
The highly polar ester borate forms a protective friction reducing layer of boron nitride under pressure and heat protecting all engine parts most susceptible to wear. The BorTec leaves a coating which remains on the surface of internal engine parts, even when the engine is off, providing immediate anti-wear protection from start up. It is suitable for Petrol and Diesel vehicles, with one bottle treating four to six litres of engine oil.

JLM Engine Oil Flush 250ml / J04835
JLM Engine Oil Flush Pro cleans aged and dirty engines and engine oil quickly and effectively, improving engine performance and reducing fuel consumption. JLM Oil Flush is oil-based and does not contain any harmful solvents that may cause any damage long term. It is suitable for all engine oils, with one bottle treating three to five litres of oil.

JLM Heavy Duty Engine Oil Flush 1000ml / J04836
JLM Engine Oil Flush Heavy Duty is specifically designed for use in HDVs including trucks, semi-trailers, heavy machinery, and stationary engines. This oil-based product is designed to clean accumulated deposits, sludge, gum, and varnish from the engine before an oil change. One 1000ml bottle will treat 20 to 40L of engine oil.

JLM Stop Smoke 250ml / J04831
JLM Stop Smoke oil treatment reduces exhaust smoke, engine wear and oil consumption, and improves engine performance. It has been specially developed for older engines with worn parts and can be used in petrol, diesel, LPG, and CNG engines that emit blue/grey exhaust smoke.

JLM Oil Stop Leak 250ml / J06055
JLM Oil Stop Leak has been engineered to rejuvenate and restore seals, gaskets, and O-rings. This product efficiently seals minor leaks, preventing oil loss and the potential for larger mechanical issues, and can be used for all petrol, diesel, hybrid, and LPG cars.

JLM Oil Booster 250ml / J04838
JLM Engine Oil Booster Pro is designed to prolong the service life of the engine, reduce wear to moving engine parts, and reduce oil consumption and smoke from the exhaust.
This additive enriches the lubricating properties of the engine oil, fortifying its ability to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, by bolstering the oil’s resilience by soaking up fuel dilution, and enhancing engine longevity.

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