A cleaning solution for petrol direct injection engines

The JLM J03170 GDI Injector Cleaner has specifically been developed for the latest generation of GDI engines.
The JLM GDI Injector Cleaner not only cleans existing injector deposits, it also stops the build-up of future deposits, so complex injection systems can operate at maximum efficiency.
In demanding new industry engine tests, JLM said its GDI Injector Cleaner delivers exceptional best-in-class performance.
With Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) posing new challenges to workshops, JLM Lubricants says it has risen to the challenge to support garages and car owners with its latest fuel additive, formulated solely to address GDI fuel injector problems. 
While GDI engines boast impressive performance, efficiency and CO2 figures when the car is new, the benefits do not last forever.
Tighter tolerances of the mechanical parts and higher soot/particulate production make GDI engines highly sensitive to contamination as they age, which has far reaching implications for real-world efficiency.
The first issue that many owners report is either an illuminated engine management light, reduced power, or excessive exhaust emissions that result in a roadworthiness inspection failure. 
Rectifying the root-cause is not straightforward. As the fuel injectors are exposed to not only heat but also the by-products of the combustion process, contaminations become baked onto the injector tip, blocking its fine holes (possessing smaller diameters than that of a human hair) and altering the spray pattern.
Sophisticated engine management will compensate for this injector fouling by adjusting the fuelling automatically, but only to a point.
When the long-term fuel trim deviates beyond a typical 25 percent from its standard setting, the engine warning lamp is likely to illuminate, accompanied by the reduced power ‘limp home’ mode.
The challenge is not only to address the symptoms and effect a cure but also curtail future build-up, with JLM Lubricants stating it has risen to this challenge by developing its own GDI fuel additive that performs all of these tasks.
It says that laboratory tests at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire, England, proved that JLM’s GDI Injector Cleaner’s gives faster and more complete clean-up performance, compared to other detergent technologies that tend to not focus on the contamination issues that GDI technology causes.
The active ingredients were shown to not only remove and inhibit fuel injector contamination but also fuel consumption decreased by just over four percent during the tests.
Particulate emissions reduced, too, highlighting the environmental benefit of using the cleaner regularly as a preventative measure, says JLM Lubricants.
Key features and benefits:
• For all Gasoline Direct Injection Systems
• Suitable for all GDI, FSI, TSI, TFSI, CGI and SIGI engine types
• Excellent nozzle cleanliness
• Cleans the inside of GDI Injector
• Reduce emissions PN, NOx, CO2
• Suitable for Euro 6/VI+ Exhaust Emissions Std
JLM Petrol GDI Injector Cleaner 250ml (add to petrol every 5,000kms) has a RRP of $34.95.

For more information, visit www.jlmlubricants.com/en-au