With Eclipse Car Care from Repco

Eclipse Car Care is a modern Australian car detailing and car care brand that has been making waves in the market with its top-notch products and services.
The brand is well known for its high-quality car care products, which include waxes and polishes, high tech ceramic sealants, natural carnauba wax car washes, tyre and wheel detailing kits plus an extensive range of unique products for all automotive surfaces.  
Repco says all of these products have been especially formulated, tested and re-tested to provide pro level cleaning, protection and lustre to your car’s paint, tyres, wheels, glass and interior surfaces.
It states that one of the standout features of Eclipse Car Care products is their ease of use, explaining that many reviewers have commented on how simple and straightforward the products are to use, even for those who are new to car detailing.
Further, Repco says the products are highly effective, providing a deep clean and a long-lasting shine – delivering “exceptional bang for the buck.”
Repco says that amongst the most frequent comments from reviewers is that Eclipse Car Care products deliver impressive results.
It says customers have remarked on the noticeable difference in their car’s appearance after using the brand’s products, with the paint looking ‘showroom’ and the tyres and wheels looking brand new.
The brand’s tyre shine, in particular, has received high praise, with many customers stating that it provides a long-lasting, glossy finish that makes their tyres look like they’ve just been replaced.
Repco says that put simply, Eclipse Car Care is a top-notch car care brand that has earned its reputation through its high-quality products, ease of use, and exceptional customer service.
Whether you’re a seasoned car detailing enthusiast or just looking to keep your car looking its best, Repco says Eclipse Car Care is definitely worth checking out.
It states that these products are designed to deliver excellent results and make the car detailing process simple and straightforward, so you can spend more time enjoying your vehicle and less time working on it. 

Eclipse Car Care is available at all Repco Stores and online at www.repco.com.au