The pioneering alignment technology brand is available from GPC Tools and Equipment

GPC Asia-Pacific states that John Bean is one of the world’s leading brands of garage equipment for workshops, tyre shops, and body repair service.
The company’s roots date back to the inventor, John Bean, founding the John Bean Spray Pump Company in 1904.
When the company merged with a nearby food machinery company, it became the Food Machinery and Chemical Company (FMC).
In 1996 the successful automotive equipment division from FMC was renamed John Bean, honouring the original founder and visionary inventor.
John Bean engineers continued to innovate automotive service equipment and in 1934 introduced the first dynamic wheel balancer.
In 1947, John Bean launched the Visualiner which was the first optical wheel aligner in the world and quickly became the standard of the industry.
In 1987, the John Bean Signature Series model 9909 became the first alignment machine with built-in training systems for the operator.
The FMC Visualiner II of series 9000 in 1984 marked the first successful application of optical measuring heads with a CRT computerised aligner. FMC engineers were also the first to develop calibration for both wheel aligners and wheel balancers that could be performed by operators.
Since 1996 John Bean has kept to its mission of developing innovative technologies, including the development and introduction of 3D wheel aligners with accuracy, speed and user-friendliness which reportedly set new standards.
In 2008 John Bean was the first and only to launch mobile wheel aligners utilising lightweight camera pods and targets, and more recently it has introduced the “on car” true 3D range.
Today, John Bean offers the V2280 Imaging diagnostic wheel alignment system combining advanced wheel alignment technology with GPC stating this offers “the easiest to use software interface providing premium technology without the premium price.”
The V2280 allows workshops to perform revenue-boosting alignment services without the need for extensive technician training or bulky equipment while ensuring customer satisfaction.
GPC says you can keep productivity high with the fast compensation feature that allows technicians to move through the alignment steps quickly and accurately, while automatic camera tracking removes the need for adjusting the beam height, saving valuable time.
Meanwhile, the advanced notification system will compensate for almost any error made during the alignment in real-time, reducing the potential for errors by providing the necessary steps for corrective action if needed.

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