Aeroflow Performance has a range of equipment available

Aeroflow Performance says it has a wide variety of Tool and Shop Equipment to deck out your workshop or garage.

Low Profile Car Ramps
Aeroflow Performance Low Profile Car Ramps are designed to not slide forward when driven onto, they have a lip on the edge so you don’t drive off the ramp, and are very lightweight.
These ramps will bring the car up 65mm off the ground so you can get a jack under the vehicle without causing damage. The ramps also come with a mesh bag to easily transport around in the boot of the vehicle.

Fender/Guard Cover
Aeroflow Performance fender covers are perfect for mechanics and restorers alike, protecting fenders from scratches, dings, grease and other grunge.
Made from strong PVC foam and reinforced with nylon mesh, the black non-slip material will not harm paint, adheres to slick surfaces, and keeps tools from sliding off. The fender cover measures 558mm x 863mm (34” x 22”) and is completely washable.

Qwik Lift Vehicle Jacks
Aeroflow Performance says its Qwik Lift Vehicle Jacks make it easier to move a car around that isn’t moving under its own power in a small space.
These jacks are sold separately and must be lubricated inside the rollers periodically to maintain the use of them to ensure they can continue to operate.
When using the vehicle jacks, Aeroflow Performance recommends you do not leave a car jacked up on hydraulic pressure – stating you should simply move the vehicle and then get the vehicle off the jacks. Each vehicle jack will support 680kgs (1500lbs).

Aeroflow Performance’s Ford Nine Inch Axle Cut Guide – simplifying rear end narrowing
Aeroflow Performance was proud recently to unveil its latest innovation, the Aeroflow Performance Ford Nine Inch Axle Cut Guide.
It says this groundbreaking tool simplifies the process of determining cut length for Ford nine-inch rear axles during rear end narrowing, ensuring precision and ease.
Featuring engraved driver/passenger markings, a pinion center mark, and axle cut lines, this intuitive tool eliminates guesswork, making axle trimming effortless.
Further, Aeroflow says its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it an essential addition to any workshop or garage.

Workshop Creeper
Forget rolling around on the cold, hard, uncomfortable concrete floor with an Aeroflow Performance workshop creeper.
The six swivel castor wheels make it easy to move around underneath a raised and supported vehicle with little effort.
The heavy-duty steel frame holds up to a maximum of 130kg and Aeroflow Performance says the great design of this creeper is the fact that it easily turns into a seat for the ultimate in comfort when working around the workshop.

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