Syntium 7000 Hybrid 0W-20 is a fully synthetic lubricant designed to keep your car at the optimum operating temperature

The operating environment for oil couldn’t be harsher or more difficult, with today’s smaller, more compact engines running hotter than ever and crowded stop-start traffic raising operating temperatures even more.
PETRONAS states its Syntium 7000 Hybrid 0W-20, which is specifically developed for Hybrid engines, is a fully synthetic lubricant formulated with CoolTech+ at the cutting edge of its fluid technology. It says its technology effectively reduces friction between moving parts to reduce the heat generated, offering enhanced wear protection and optimum engine efficiency for the full drain interval, and delivering optimal performance with lower fuel consumption and emissions.
Constantly switching between internal combustion engine (ICE) and electrical power places greater stresses and demands on the engine of a hybrid car with increased friction causing excessive heat generation which leads to higher fuel consumption and emissions as well as increased wear and risk of engine failure. Hybrid vehicles therefore require dedicated lubricants with high wear protection features.
PETRONAS Syntium 7000 Hybrid 0W-20 is suitable for petrol-electric hybrid vehicles. It is formulated to provide protection against low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) for turbo charged direct injection gasoline powered vehicles and meets the latest API SP specification.
According to PETRONAS, its new Syntium with CoolTech+ technology efficiently removes heat produced by friction and combustion, maintaining performance right up to the scheduled oil change and providing exceptional oxidation resistance that is 68 percent better than the industry benchmark.
PETRONAS states that because of this exceptional resistance to heat-related engine damage and ability to maintain its cool, PETRONAS Syntium with CoolTech+ technology offers up to 37.8 percent better protection of important components against wear and harmful deposits. It says the oil’s exceptional cleanliness also contributes to a longer engine life and lower maintenance costs.
PETRONAS is the official technology partner to the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team, which it explains helps it to engineer high performance, bespoke engine oil, race fuel and other lubricants, greases, and fluids.
The Malaysian company states a critical part of the team’s success lies in the car’s unrivalled ability to convert fuel into useful work. It says most engines only convert around 35 percent of the potential fuel energy into power, but PETRONAS says its technology enables the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One car to achieve more than 50 percent thermal efficiency – making it the “most efficient racing engine ever created.”
PETRONAS Syntium 7000 Hybrid 0W-20 and other PETRONAS Lubricants can be purchased through resellers and authorised distributors in Australia (including ASV Euro Car Parts, Oil and Energy, JSN and CoolDrive Australia) and New Zealand (including Cooldrive NZ and Aktron).

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