Modern engines are operating at higher temperatures than ever

Piston ignition time of car engine, Car Engine inside, valves and crankshaft. 3d rendering.

With downsized, more compact engines running at incredible heats, and congested stop/start traffic increasing operating temperatures further, the conditions couldn’t be more challenging and hostile for an oil.
Excessive heat is the enemy, causing deposit formation, oxidation and thermal breakdown – all of which reduce the efficiency of the engine.
Most internal combustion engines (ICE) only convert around 35 percent of fuel into power.
The remaining energy is not converted into useful work, but instead wasted and dissipated mainly as heat. This doesn’t just damage a car’s engine; wasting energy in this way is unsustainable for our planet.
Whether it’s our own or the planet’s, energy is a precious resource. In order to make the most of it and reach maximum efficiency, you need to control the heat, stay cool and focus your energy wisely.
It is exactly the same under the hood of a car – the engine needs to stay cool in the face of aggressive heat and maintain optimal temperature to avoid wasting energy and perform at its best.
In short, controlling the heat is the key to more efficient, sustainable motoring.
PETRONAS says its Syntium product helps your car make the most of every drop of available energy, maximising its efficiency by controlling engine-damaging heat.
PETRONAS Syntium features CoolTechTM technology which controls the heat, reducing wear and deposits, extending parts life and delivering efficient performance for longer.
At the same time, its CoolTech+TM technology, with its enhanced ability to control heat generated by friction, maximises a car’s efficiency to reduce emissions and fuel consumption by up to three percent* for cleaner, more cost-effective and efficient motoring.
Constantly switching between ICE and an electrical power unit places greater demands on the engine of a hybrid car – and its oil. By reducing heat generated by frequent stop/start friction, PETRONAS Syntium with CoolTech+TM technology provides up to 38 percent better bearing wear protection††, to deliver optimal performance, better fuel economy and less emissions.
Thanks to its strong molecular chains, PETRONAS Syntium with CoolTechTM technology more effectively removes heat generated by friction and combustion to offer outstanding oxidation resistance – 68 percent better than industry benchmarks†.
Its superior ability to withstand engine-damaging heat and stay cool also means PETRONAS Syntium with CoolTechTM technology delivers up to 37.8 percent better protection of critical parts against harmful deposits and wear**, and outstanding cleanliness, for longer engine life and lower maintenance costs.

From the team behind the world’s most efficient racing engine
PETRONAS is the official technology partner to the eight-times FIA Formula One World Championship-winning Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team, engineering high performance, bespoke engine oil, race fuel and other lubricants, greases and fluids.
PETRONAS technology enables the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One car to achieve more than 50 percent thermal efficiency – making it the most efficient racing engine ever created.
PETRONAS says its technicians are world leaders when it comes to maximising the potential of every drop of energy – and they pour all their experience working with the world’s fastest, most efficient hybrid car, into developing advanced fluids for drivers all over the world.

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