Rova Range Automotive has a wide array of parts available for these vehicles

For those of you that love your Land Rover or Range Rover, Rova Range Automotive says it has been achieving great customer satisfaction with its Parts Division, specialising in sourcing and supplying Land Rover and Range Rover aftermarket products, including APT parts.
“We have just recently finished the fit out of all of the APT underbody protection for a Land Rover Discovery 4, for the purposes of an extended family trip around Australia,” Rova Range Automotive Owner, Jason Robinson, said.
“This upgrade was designed to offer the pinnacle of protection and circumvent any potential risks involved in taking the vehicle off road.”
Rova Range Automotive Parts Manager, Adam Goudge, said having confidence that your vehicle is not going to let you down is of paramount importance.
“Having that confidence really maximises the whole travelling experience. It is worth doing as it really adds to the feeling of confidence in your vehicle, especially if you’re travelling into more remote areas,” Adam said.
“As one of only a few Xlifter suppliers in Australia, Xlifters have also become one of the more popular added extras for off roading at Rova Range Automotive, as you can adjust the height and level of the vehicle, which is useful for everything from transiting over water to rock climbing to camping out.”
Late last year Adam sourced a re-conditioned genuine 3.0L 24V DOHC V6 TC Land Rover diesel engine and sent it to Tasmania. Just prior to that, he had a similar engine go to a workshop in NSW.
“Adam’s ability to source parts and products is second to none in this niche market,” Jason said.
“Supplying the right part at a good price is our aim and with over 25 years of experience, we have the knowledge and the resources to supply only quality replacement parts.
“We guarantee that our products are genuine and sourced only from reliable suppliers because we won’t compromise our reputation by offering inferior parts or service.”

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