Adrad has a range of products to help you tow or haul with confidence

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If you do some heavy towing from time to time, frequently carry around a load of tools or gear, or regularly pull a trailer, your engine and transmission are often working harder than normal.
Under normal driving conditions, your factory radiator and oil cooler will cope with the heat, but if your temperature gauge reads high, it means your regular cooling components aren’t up to the task.
Hard working engines and transmissions need extra cooling to help prevent against overheating and avoid accelerated wear.
Adrad says investing in a cooling upgrade will allow you to haul or tow with extra confidence.

Radiators and intercoolers
Depending on the age and service history of the vehicle, a new OE quality radiator or intercooler may be enough to manage infrequent or light towing duties.
Upgrades can range from heavy-duty radiators with extra rows up to custom high performance alloy radiators and intercoolers for optimum cooling.
Adrad says it has a wealth of experience in this area (along with what it says is Australia’s largest selection of radiators) and can provide you with great advice.

Transmission cooler
An auxiliary transmission oil cooler may often be fitted as part of a “towing pack.” This indicates that the standard oil cooler is unlikely to cope with heavy work.
Upgrading this oil cooler will improve performance. Adrad offers the Dana Tru-Cool range of universal oil coolers which feature several sizes and performance options.

More air flow means better cooling. Adrad offers a selection of high-performance fans from Spal and Maradyne that are designed for long life, durability and harsh environments. The fan motor is encased in a fully-sealed housing that is 100 percent dust and waterproof.
Adrad says the high-quality engineering and construction deliver proven performance to exceptional levels on the road, the race track and even in extreme off-road conditions.
These products are all available across Australia and are supported by Adrad’s national warranty and distribution network.

For details of your nearest stockist, please contact Adrad on 1800 882 043 or enquire at customerservice@adrad.com.au