Dean Tighe has won two championships with LubeWise’s help

LubeWise imports, distributes and markets a number of leading global brands of OEM approved and licenced lubricants, including brands such as Shell, Mobil, Phillips 66, Kendall, Red Line Oils and Petronas.
In recent years, LubeWise has assisted Dean Tighe of Tighe Cams in Wacol, Brisbane, with two key racing scenarios, with the help of Red Line Oils.
“First was a Formula One Judd 4.0 litre V8 naturally aspirated engine in a Dallara chassis racing in the Australian Super Sprint Championship, and the other a supercharged Hyabusa-engine Empire Wraith open wheeler, running on methanol, in the Australian Hill Climb Championship,” LubeWise Business Development Manager VIC/TAS, Troy Henson, said.
“Dean was having engine oil pressure issues with the Judd Formula One V8 in the Dallara chassis. Low oil pressure at idle and throughout the rev range was causing great concern – threatening poor performance and possible catastrophic failure. We all know that Formula One engines are very expensive things to repair, let alone source.
“Dean reached out to LubeWise and our Lubrication Engineer to see if we could develop a solution. LubeWise recommended Red Line Motor Oil 10W-60 due to its Full Synthetic Polyol Ester and Poly Alpha Olefin base oils with extra zinc (ZDDP) and very High Temperature High Shear Stability.
“The oil has a very high ‘natural’ Viscosity Index, ensuring it stays ‘in-grade’ in extreme loads and temperatures – therein providing the film thickness and pressure consistency needed in a F1 Judd engine.”
LubeWise reports that subsequent dyno and race-track testing offered very compelling and quite conclusive results.
“Engine Management data was downloaded and emailed to Judd Engines in the UK. Judd responded enthusiastically saying they had never seen such strong oil pressures over a complete range of conditions, from idle to full power and extreme temperatures, in other Judd engines. They agreed that the Red Line Oil was instrumental in producing these outstanding results,” Troy said.
“Based on such great performance and protection in his Formula One Judd engine, Dean decided to apply a similar Polyol Ester/PAO synthetic oil/High Zinc (2200 ppm ZDDP) formulation with Red Line Oils’ 10W-40 from their Powersport oil range in his Hyabusa supercharged engine Empire Wraith chassis Hill Climb open wheeler.
“This engine oil has performed extremely well at what are eye-watering RPMs and in the extreme loads and oil surge issues that only Hill climb circuits can deliver.”
Dean went on to win the Australian Supersprint Championship in 2022 and Australian Hill Climb Championships in 2022, with both cars running Red Line Oils.
“There is no doubting Dean Tighe’s immense talent as a racing driver and the quality of his racing cars. There is also no doubt that Red Line Oils played a vital role in his success,” Troy said.

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