Better oils go further, says LubeWise

LubeWise says it has all of your truck’s oil needs covered, nose to tail, with full OEM approvals, Industry Licensing, and Manufacturer’s Warranty protection.
“LubeWise’s focus is purely on lubricants and effective lubrication and unlike most oil companies, we do not offer just one brand and we don’t offer brands that aren’t up to the job,” LubeWise Business Development Manager, Troy Henson, said.
“We offer Shell, Phillips 66 (Conoco), Mobil, and PETRONAS and make these globally recognised products available directly, nationally and indirectly through our distributor chain.
“If you are looking for one of America’s finest diesel engine oils for your rig or workshop, you can’t go past the synthetic blend, Phillips 66 Guardol ECT Ti 15W-40 CK-4 Diesel Engine Oil.”
This oil is specially formulated for compatibility with exhaust aftertreatment systems using diesel particulate filters (DPF), diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC) and/or selective catalytic reduction (SCR). It is also backward serviceable for use in pre-2007 diesel engines.
“What makes this engine oil standout is not just its synthetic blend base oil and low SAPS additive package, but its unique Liquid Titanium protection chemistry which provides long drain and anti-wear protection, superior to most diesel engine oils in the Australian market,” Troy said.
“Creditable workshop mechanics tell us that they know when an engine is running a Phillips 66 engine oil simply by its distinctly cleaner sump and valve gear. When you see it, you can believe it.”
Furthermore, LubeWise has OEM approved Eaton Road Ranger and automated manual Transmission oils and Meritor/Dana approved differential oils and carries the full range of European Engine and Drive Train Lubricants as well.
“If you want the best for your truck or your fleet of trucks, we understand that you want to keep costs down. Searching for cheaper oil seems to be all that you can do – right? Well not necessarily,” Troy said.
“Lubricants typically represent around one percent of your operating expense for Linehaul operations. Yet countless hours are spent looking for a small price savings on that one percent. That’s much effort, for little gain.
“Stop wasting your valuable time looking for risky and cheap oils and save much more by seeking out OEM Approved oils which enable you to enjoy the full Oil Drain Intervals recommended by your OEM. Better oils go further (recommended by the OEM).
“Reach out to LubeWise and we will appoint one of our Lubrication Experts to show you how you can increase your trucks’ productivity and reliability, while producing real savings for your business. LubeWise is your next, Wise choice.”

For more information, visit or call 1300 162 866.