The company’s range of centre bearings and control arms has been expanded

Mackay’s Centre Bearing range now covers an additional one million plus vehicles on the road, while the Control Arm range now covers an additional six million plus vehicles on the road.
Mackay says the expanded ranges are manufactured to the highest standards and backed by its 90 years of industry experience and reputation for quality.
Mackay is certified and audited to the ISO 9001 quality system and states this ensures any part carrying the Mackay brand is fit for purpose.
Suspension arms, also known as control or radius arms, are the link that connects your wheels to the chassis.
Historically it has been common to replace worn components of suspension arms (Ball joints or bushes), however this is time consuming for the Mechanic and requires specialised tools and press to push out/in new bushes.
Mackay says replacing the entire arm is far more time efficient from a labour point of view with a bolt in solution with bushes already installed. It says this is a big win for hoist downtime and allows mechanics to get the next job on the hoist quicker.
Centre Support Bearings, also known as shaft support bearings, are used to support / stabilise tail shafts (particularly in rear-wheel-drive configurations) and reduce vibration. The typical construction is stamped or cast bracket with a polymer membrane supporting a bearing.
Worn membranes or bearings can lead to noise and vibration in the drive line. The membranes and bearings wear during normal operation.
Mackay explains Centre Bearings are commonly replaced as preventative maintenance when signs of wear are detected. It offers an extensive range.

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