Bilstein says its DampMatic is a premium system with a large damping force spread

Adjusting the damping force depending on the road conditions often means additional electronic components – and thus a harder job for workshops to diagnose and repair the suspension system.
A leading manufacturer for electronic suspension, Bilstein says it has developed a different passive solution offering significantly more comfort.
Bilstein states its DampMatic technology is an amplitude-dependent damping system that adapts the damping force depending on the actual driving situation without cables, sensors, or an external control unit.
Bilstein’s DampMatic technology is fully integrated into the shock absorber. It features a large damping force spread, which is made possible by a control piston, and “100 percent mechanically.”
In the “soft setting” the damper oil flows through both the main piston and a special DampMatic bypass.
If the vibration amplitude increases due to the driving situation, the control piston moves to its stop due to the sudden excitation.
It thus closes the bypass and the entire volume flow is handled by the main spool. As the flow rate is thus reduced, the shock absorber behaves “more tightly.”
So, depending on the driving situation, the shock absorber behaves more softly or more firmly.
Bilstein explains that as such, on a well-developed road, the passengers can enjoy outstanding rolling comfort, while on a serpentine road, dynamic attitude and agile handling are achieved.
It states the system reacts at lightning speed so that even unexpected evasive maneuvers can be safely mastered.

What do workshops need to be aware of?
When a vehicle with DampMatic shock absorbers as series equipment, like the Mercedes-Benz
C- class (for example, W204/W205), E-class (for example, W212/W213) and GLC (for example, W253), is in the workshop, the smart feature can often be overlooked. After all, no cables or other visual features draw attention to the DampMatic system, even if it is removed.
Bilstein warns that if the shock absorbers need to be replaced and the workshop orders just any aftermarket replacements, the suspension loses its “intelligence.” It states the only exception to this is if the workshop has opted for the B4 series replacement shock absorber from Bilstein.
Along with the genuine Mercedes-Benz spare parts, Bilstein says this is the only shock absorber that offers the unique DampMatic system, as Bilstein holds the patent for this technology.
The installation of Bilstein B4 DampMatic shock absorbers is just like with any other shock absorber.

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