The tester is vital for the servicing efforts of Peninsula Diesel

Peninsula Diesel purchased MAHA equipment for the first time six months ago after much research into the roller brake and suspension testing machinery they needed.
The company, based in Melbourne’s outer south east, has been around for more than 30 years specialising in commercial vehicle and bus repairs and maintenance including specialist diesel repairs, roadworthy inspections, scheduled maintenance, and onsite servicing including mandated bus safety inspections.
Lee Nissen of Peninsula Diesel said that they took some time researching what was available and to scope out what machinery would best suit their business before they settled on the MAHA roller brake tester and the suspension tester.
“We wanted a machine that was actually going to get us results,” Lee said.
“Every truck that comes in for a service, roadworthy, inspection, whatever it might be, goes over the roller brake tester.”
The tester gets quite a workout as on average there are around 10-15 vehicles in the workshop every day, so the company was keen to ensure that whatever equipment they purchased would be sturdy and reliable.
Lee explained that the reviews of the machinery were good and the back up in Australia was second to none, and this swayed the company to choose MAHA.
Lee was greatly impressed that the General Manager of MAHA Australia also visited the workshop after the equipment was installed just to make sure that they were happy with everything.
It is that customer service that was really good for us. The other advantage is we have got direct contact with the guy who installed it, who’s installed most of the MAHA machines that are in Australia right now,” Lee said.
“He’s a very knowledgeable fella. So, if we do have any problems, we’ve got his direct number. We can ring him any time and he’ll talk us through it. Or if not, he’ll get on a plane and come down and fix it.”
That sort of service is vital in an industry that services work vehicles where you can’t afford to have a vehicle off the road for too long as it is not earning its keep.
With around 20 staff members, some of which are technicians and apprentices it was also important to have machinery that was easy to use.
MAHA conducted onsite training with Peninsula Diesel’s technicians and Lee said that it was relatively easy and now everyone is well on top of how to use both the roller brake tester and the suspension tester.
Since the workshop has had the machinery, it has proved itself to be vital not only to detect compliance elements, but it has picked up on a lot of problems that may not have shown up otherwise.
“It is really good for spring shackle pinches, steering kingpins, steering joints and stuff like that,” Lee said.
“We’ve actually detected quite a few faults that may not have shown up with traditional testing methods.”
MAHA machinery is premium made Germany machinery, and Germany works hand-in-hand with its Australian partner enabling MAHA in Australia to control and complete the supply chain from manufacture to delivery installation and servicing for the life of the product.
The company has been instrumental in introducing roller brake and suspension testing technology to Government testing authorities, OEMs, education institutions as well as the general transport industries.

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