Three new products have been welcomed to the range

ZF in Oceania has released a new range of its industry leading ZF LifeguardFluid lubricants, taking its expertise in formulating high performing oils across a European portfolio and extending this to an Asian range of automatic transmissions.
The range will be launched with three lubricants initially, bringing ZF’s original equipment know-how to the aftermarket for maximum performance.
The new ZF LifeguardFluids are suitable for a range of models from vehicle manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Kia, Honda, Subaru, Hyundai, Nissan, and Mazda.
Headlining the new options is the ZF LifeguardFluid AG+, a specially formulated multipurpose fluid suitable for a large number of four and five speed automatic transmissions.
ZF says the AG+, which conforms to the DEXRON-III specifications, offers excellent friction performance to ensure stability, advanced performance with high efficiency, and maximum protection against gear shudder.
Complementing the AG+ is the new ZF LifeguardFluid AG6, a multipurpose fluid formulated with a synthetic technology base oil and advanced high-performance additives, to meet or exceed the specific requirements of vehicle OEMs.
The AG6 confirms to the DEXRON-VI specifications, and is applicable to a large number of six speed Asian-made automatic transmissions.
Both the AG+ and AG6 offer improved oxidation and thermal stability, and enhanced high shear stability.
Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) are also catered for in the new lubricants with the new ZF LifeguardFluid CVT, which covers both the TC and FE variants of CVTs.
ZF explains its LifeguardFluid CVT is a specially formulated transmission fluid to provide excellent driving comfort, extended service internals, longer life, and excellent wear control.
The new ZF LifeguardFluid lubricants debuted in Oceania recently at the 2024 Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo in Melbourne, with further new products anticipated to be launched later this year.

For further information on the ZF LifeguardFluid products, and on ZF in Oceania, visit www.zf.com/au