Modern power systems are increasingly complex with a seemingly endless list of accessories available

Wiring 12V systems with ten plus individual circuits can be a huge task and, even with extensive planning, the need to supply power and switch the accessories can not be avoided.
However, REDARC explains that with its RedVision system, it can be simplified – making your installation a whole lot easier.
Designed to be the heart of your customers’ 12V system, REDARC’s award-winning RedVision system combines smart battery management, centralised accessory control and monitoring, and ease of installation in one powerful package, keeping your customers in control of their electrical systems.
For complicated power systems or installations with limited space, REDARC’s new TVMS Rogue distribution box combines wiring simplicity with a small footprint. At only 25mm thick, it can be tucked away into any unused space or hidden out of sight.
Featuring ten dimmable 10A outputs and eight switch inputs, the TVMS Rogue is perfect for controlling power systems featuring, lights, fridges, and fans.
Able to be used with both digital and physical switches, REDARC says the Rogue gives your customers a new world of flexibility when it comes to designing their system.
The Rogue’s output channels support dimming and can be grouped, allowing your customers to control multiple accessories with the flick of a single switch.
The ability to interface with a variety of physical switch types, including reed switches, also opens a variety of configuration options for your customers.
Featuring two analogue sensor inputs, the RedVision system can not only monitor accessories but keep track of tank and voltage levels all in the one location.
Compatible with common sensors, you can avoid the hassle of sourcing speciality parts for each install.
The RedVision configurator app makes setting up each system simple with a range of configuration options and automations.
When it comes to resetting fuses or running through troubleshooting procedures, it can all be done easily via the app, while smart fuses mean there is no need to physically replace fuses so the distribution box can be hidden out of sight.
For builds with more than two water tanks, or when powering a mix of low and high-powered accessories, the larger TVMS Prime is recommended.
You can also pair the Rogue with the Prime to double the number of on-board channels – perfect for caravans with a high number of accessories.
Each of REDARC’s integrated systems feature the powerful Manager30 battery management system and work seamlessly together reducing installation time, meaning your customers will never be stranded without power again.
Made in Australia, RedVision is backed by REDARC’s in-house customer and technical support, and what it calls its hassle-free warranty.
REDARC has a full team of Customer Service Technicians, all with electronics or auto electrical backgrounds, ready to take your call on 1300 REDARC (1300 733 272).

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