Smaller, lighter, and more powerful, REDARC’s “revolutionary” three-way battery charger has landed

REDARC says it is excited to introduce its new range of power management systems, Manager Alpha.
Available in 50A, 75A and 100A capacities, REDARC says the Manager Alpha redefines mobile power management.
Modern explorers are looking to spend more time away, but don’t want to sacrifice modern comforts and conveniences.
At up to 55 percent smaller and 28 percent lighter than comparable competitor systems, REDARC says the Manager Alpha will maximise your vehicle’s capacity while leaving room for those adventure essentials and creature comforts. 
REDARC states the Manager is the only charger to charge from AC, DC and solar, allowing you to charge while you drive, while plugged in at camp or from the sun.
This makes it an ideal companion whether you’re driving, soaking up the sun at a remote camping spot, or at a caravan/RV park. With the Manager Alpha onboard, you’ll never be without a charging option, says REDARC.
REDARC states “the Manager Alpha100 delivers an unrivalled 100A from a combination of available power sources, including solar.”
On top of this, it says the Manager Alpha boasts a charge rate that’s more than three-times faster than that of the Manager30.
“With this much power on tap you can run everything from induction cooktops to air conditioners, to fridges and lights, and still charge your batteries faster than you can drain them,” says REDARC.
Not just a charging powerhouse for your secondary battery, REDARC says the Manager Alpha can also take care of your start battery.
When your auxiliary battery is fully charged, the Manager will begin to deliver up to 25 A to the vehicle’s start battery automatically.
Better yet, when disaster strikes and your start battery goes flat, with the touch of a button the Manager Alpha can bring your start battery back to life.
With RedVision connectivity thanks to the included Smart Battery Monitor, you can stay informed and in control of your system, accessing accurate, real-time monitoring through REDARC’s RedVision app or included RedVision display, offering state of charge, remaining charge, and current flow.
Further, REDARC says that with monitoring that is “up to five times more accurate than the leading competitors, you’ll know that ‘five hours left’ means ‘five hours left.’”
Paired with latest Bluetooth 5.1 technology, you’ll be able to stay connected anywhere at camp, with reliability over distances up to 42m – which REDARC says is “nearly one and a half times further than the competition.”
REDARC says the Manager Alpha has been tested to the toughest vibration standards in the world and is made for Australia’s extreme conditions.

REDARC states there will be limited availability on release and invites you to register your interest in the Manager Alpha at

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