What to look for in brake pads

What could be more annoying than rolling up to a set of traffic lights, slowly taking your foot off the accelerator, pushing towards the brake, and then hearing a squealing sound?
We can probably all agree, there is hardly anything.
Squeaking brakes are not only unpleasant to our own ears, but also to those outside the car.
But where does this particularly unpleasant noise come from?
A closer look at the brake system reveals that the tiny space between the disc and the pad allows high-frequency vibrations to occur, causing the typical squeaking sound when braking.
Although some people consider a loud squeal to be the signature of sporty brake pads, MEYLE believes that this is something to be decided on an individual basis.
So, what do you need to look out for if you are seeking a less dramatic appearance?
MEYLE says it has got you covered and has summarised the below as “everything there is to know” when it comes to making a silent entrance:
• Individual shims can be little helpers since they act like “vibration absorbers.” A vibration-decoupling adhesive layer between the shim and the carrier plate helps to increase the damping value and reduce noise.
• Individualised chamfers for each type of brake pad also help to reduce noise. The chamfers therefore need to be individually adapted to the vehicle type in order to ensure an optimum transition between the pad and the disc without hard edges.
• The individualisation of the mixing ratio for the friction lining also plays an important role: the right materials provide the perfect balance between performance and comfort to deliver top performance.
• Another important factor are the slots for brake pads: MEYLE, for example, has included individually designed slots for one of its brake pads – not only to prevent cracks in the brake pads, which can occur due to temperature-dependent expansion, but also to reduced noise as they dissipate the brake dust.
• The right components: not only high-quality raw materials and the processing of those, but also the accuracy of fit and durability, are important factors when it comes to ensuring a pleasant braking experience.
To summarise, when it comes to brake pads, one should look out for the right composition of materials and the structure in order to reach the destination not only safely but also quietly.
The Hamburg-based manufacturer MEYLE continues to expand its range of brake components. With additional brake components, MEYLE says it strengthens its comprehensive brake portfolio with further reliable and performance-oriented solutions.
In total, the range now comprises almost 3,000 brake discs and pads, and with more than 25 years of experience as a manufacturer in the independent aftermarket, MEYLE says it knows exactly the high demands placed on brake components.

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