For the Toyota LandCruiser

handbrake upgrade to suit Toyota LandCruisers (VDJ 76/79 Dual Cab/ Wagons).
Designed and manufactured at Marks 4WD’s Dingley Headquarters in Victoria, the new handbrake is designed to replace the factory drum in disc setup.
Marks 4WD says the factory handbrake is well known for filling with debris, quickly getting out of adjustment and giving the driver little confidence in its effectiveness.
Marks 4WD explains it has relocated the handbrake to the transfer case, allowing the brake to be up and out of the road of grime and debris, which it says maximises the servicing life and reduces service intervals.
A clear advantage of the transmission brake is that it locks the entire drive-train, including all four wheels, when the transfer case is locked in 4WD.
As the handbrake is mounted before the differential, you also gain the 3.9:1 differential ratio advantage over braking at the wheels.
Marks 4WD says the Transmission handbrake has shown to work exceptionally well in mining environments, offering increased reliability and safety, reduced service intervals and a large 240mm diameter drum designed for 4×4 and 6×6 vehicles with GVMs up to 6000kg
Installation of the handbrake is said to be straightforward and supplied with an Adaptor Housing, Handbrake drum, Bash Plate, fitting kit and instructions.

For more information on the Marks 4WD Transmission Handbrake or other products, visit or call the Marks 4WD sales team on 03 9552 6555.