Repco Equipment explains hybrid vehicles present new challenges when it comes to servicing AC systems

Hybrid vehicles use electric compressors which require special handling of servicing equipment so that there is no contamination of oils.
The Mastercool Commander EQX3000 air-conditioning recovery/recycle/recharge (RRR) machine is specifically designed for these vehicles.
The EQX3000 has options for both standard vehicles and hybrids, and incorporates a flush circuit using an add-on accessory that ensures there is no cross contamination when switching between types.
Repco Equipment says the rising cost of refrigerant means RRR machines can now pay for themselves in one or two seasons, and their ability to perform almost an entire service unattended is a clear cost saving in a busy workshop.
The Mastercool Commander EQX3000 was designed in the US to be a reliable method of servicing vehicle aircon units. It is also continually improved through remote firmware updates, and the Commander has been updated to version 9.0. 
This update includes the addition of email printing via an option on the completed job screen. The vehicle’s registration number, refrigerant recovered, oil recovered, and refrigerant usage can be included. This information can be sent to the customer’s email, the workshop email, or printed using the on-board thermal printer.
Other features include data logs that can be extracted via USB, uploaded to a PC, and viewed in Excel. Remote diagnostics have also been improved with a drop-down service menu.
Mastercool Commander is designed to meet the SAE J2788 standard, which means it must achieve a 95 percent refrigerant recovery rate with 95 percent purity within 30 minutes. For trucks or other large vehicles, the Commander has been tested to perform charges at 2.5kg or more. The charge hoses can be extended up to 10m without the need for recalibration.

Other features include:
• Manual and automatic functions.
• Eight-inch Windows tablet PC command centre.
• Two programmable bottles for oil and/or dye injection with individual load cells (standard vehicles only).
• Automatic and manual purging of non-condensable gases (NCGs).
• Large Class 1.0 analogue gauges.
• Multi-coloured visual system-status LED.
• 142L/min vacuum pump.

The machine includes on-board instructions with user prompts for each step. Remote set-up and training are also possible.
The only machine maintenance required is a filter change and vacuum-pump oil change, prompted by alerts.
Mastercool Inc is a US-based, family-owned company that has been in the air conditioning business for 40 years. Local service and technical back-up are available in both Australia and New Zealand through Repco.

For more information, contact Repco Equipment on 1800 224 581.