Tridon offers an extensive range of Heater Fan Resistors and Air Conditioning Pressure Switches

Tridon says its range has been extensively researched for maximum market coverage, so there is no need to go to the dealer to purchase your high quality, direct replacement air conditioning parts.
Common issues found with automotive air conditioners are lack of air flow, fans working on high or low speeds only, running constantly, not working on a particular speed or even not working at all. The most common cause of this is a failed heater fan resistor, says Tridon.
Fan resistors are designed to operate the air conditioner/heater fan speed inside the vehicle. They operate by controlling the current flow to the fan motor, in turn changing the speed of the fan.
Constant adjustments to the fan speed generate wear and tear on the resistor terminals, which in turn leads to shorting, or the resistor being burnt out resulting in eventual failure.
Tridon’s range of Heater Fan Resistors are designed for direct replacement in your vehicle.
Another common fault with air conditioning systems can be with the aircon pressure switch.
These require replacement over time as the air conditioning may cease to function or a vehicle fault light will appear.
They are a safety device that is fitted to all modern air conditioning systems. Placed in line with the cooling pipes, they monitor the air conditioning system pressure.
If the pressure rises to dangerous levels, or if there is a sudden drop in pressure, it will shut off the compressor. This prevents damage to internal air-conditioning components and also to the compressor.
Tridon’s range of air conditioning switches has been comprehensively researched to provide a broad coverage of high-quality OEM replacement parts.
These have been developed to meet or exceed original equipment manufacturers specifications, making them direct replacements for the original switches in the vehicle.
Live application data is available for all Tridon parts on Tridon Part Finder for the most up to date new vehicle applications.
All applications are also available on major trade electronic catalogues.

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