The new cloud-based Tyre and Workshop ERP was announced at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo

Megabus says Tyre and auto workshops have been relying on its software for many years to manage essential operations like invoicing, estimating, workshop resource planning, accounts receivable, accounts payable, stock control, procurement, STP compliant payroll and EDI.
Now, after seven years of research and development, Megabus says it is excited to introduce the next generation of software, Marlin Blue.
The software includes a wide range of capabilities, including inventory, full embedded accounting, and creditor and debt management.
It features industry quoting interfaces Repco SmartQuote and Burson EzyParts, native mobile applications for the workshop and it also has “unparalleled” API integrations to rich B2C websites from MyTyreSite and DatabaseDyno retention campaigning.
Megabus says the FitmentFinder is a groundbreaking suggestive selling platform for tyre retailers that is embedded in Marlin Blue. It states it will help guide salespeople and consumers through the process of selecting the best tire for the consumer.
“Marlin Blue is a native cloud application, meaning that the essence of its design is its API capabilities to partner and connect to an ever-growing landscape of applications and solutions,” Marlin Blue product owner, David Swan, said.
Megabus says it will facilitate connections around the world.
“We are excited to see the latest evolution of Marlin come to life by our talented in-house development team with a cloud-first, multi-lingual, multi-company and multi-location approach. These are true foundational requirements to build an ERP for the Australian and International aftermarket depths,” Megabus Chief Executive Officer, Justin Chalk, said.
Megabus was introduced to the independent workshop market at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo, where it received plenty of attention from the attendees and other exhibitors.
Marlin Blue is just one of many automotive aftermarket business and support products offered by Megabus. Its other products and services include managed hardware and standard operating environment services, back office backoffice and bookkeeping services, Marlin GTX software, Marlin HR payroll software, and the extensive Mega-link EDI network.

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