The company aims to be climate-neutral by 2030

Having launched the first MEYLE HD part 20 years ago, the manufacturer based in Hamburg is now transforming its MELYE HD steering and suspension parts into what it says is the first climate-neutral product range in the independent aftermarket.
The company says it has been working to improve the carbon footprint of MEYLE HD steering and suspension parts since 2019 and has managed to significantly reduce production emissions with energy efficiency measures and the use of wind power.
MEYLE is now taking the next decisive step and working with ClimatePartner to compensate for the CO2 emissions associated with MEYLE HD parts in the steering and suspension category.
These parts are largely manufactured at the company’s own plant in Turkey, which like the MEYLE headquarters in Hamburg has been certified carbon-neutral since 2021 (Scope 1 and 2 in accordance with the GHG Protocol).
The concept behind MEYLE HD parts has always been sustainable: repairing rather than replacing the entire unit – with spare parts more durable than the original.
“That’s good. But for us, it’s not enough. We want to be a driving force in a very heterogeneous and international sector,” MEYLE Corporate Responsibility Manager, Florian Gaertner, said.
“That’s why we committed ourselves to the UN Global Compact in 2021, are systematically accelerating our sustainability activities and expanding them step by step.”
Sustainability management now comprises a whole host of projects across all company departments. MEYLE says its most important aim is to offer a product range that is entirely climate-neutral by 2030, with a key focus on avoiding CO2 emissions.
“We’re doing everything in our power to make this happen and will only compensate for remaining emissions with investments in sustainable projects,” Florian said.
The company’s headquarters and SIO production facility for steering and suspension parts are already certified carbon neutral. The next step is to make all the other sites carbon neutral.
MEYLE is also making an effort to reduce its suppliers’ CO2. By using CO2-reduced materials such as “green aluminium and steel,” the company is planning to further reduce CO2 in the future. Thanks to a switch in packaging and shipping materials in logistics, the company has already reduced its use of plastic by around four tonnes a year, with further reductions still to come.
Sustainability and the ongoing mobility transformation are reportedly very important to MEYLE, which is why, in 2016, the company invested in the infrastructure necessary to allow employees and guests to charge their electric vehicles.
Motorsport also generates important information about how the parts perform, allowing MEYLE to further develop them and make them even more durable. MEYLE has set its sights firmly on new drive technologies and, since last season, has sponsored the first ADAC Opel e-Rally.

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