A super time saver

Shinn Fu Australia says you can stop wasting time searching for the right-sized wrench.
This MichaelPro Dual Action Auto Size Adjusting Wrench features self-adjusting jaws on both ends of the wrench, covering a wide range of fastener sizes.
The big jaw has a capacity of 9/16” – 11/4” (14 – 32mm), and the small jaw has a capacity of 5/16” to 1-1/16” (eight to 17mm).
Shinn Fu says that this means that with just one of these dual-head wrenches, you can replace all metric and standard wrenches that fall between the sizes mentioned above.
Users won’t have to keep adjusting their wrench to the right size with this tool. This wrench is said to provide for endless applications such as bolt and screw extraction to loosening and tightening hard-to-reach pipes and fittings.
The special jaw design allows the tool to rotate back and reposition, reportedly performing better than other wrenches.
The spring-loaded tension and serrated edges provide a firm grip on most types of fasteners including hexagonal, spline, star and square heads. Even allowing it to grip rounded-off fasteners that are at least 70% intact.
Made of high-quality CR-V, Shinn Fu says this wrench from MichaelPro performs a perfect ratcheting effect on every job while being stronger and more durable than ever.
Produced and tested in Taiwan, Shinn Fu Australia says the MichaelPro Dual Action Auto Size Adjusting Wrench is definitely one of the essentials for your workshop.

For more information, visit www.shinnfu.com.au