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The Omega Pro Fully Automatic Automotive Battery Charger is made for professional workshops who need a versatile 12 Volt car battery charger.
With its variable charging rate, you don’t need to buy multiple chargers for differing battery capacities. It is suitable for Automotive, Calcium, Marine, Deep Cycle, AGM, GEL and LiFePO4 Batteries.
The Omega Pro Fully Automatic Automotive Battery Charger provides extra value with built-in alternator check, battery tester and maintenance; to help promote a longer-lasting battery lifespan.
Alongside several safety features including overcharge and overheat protection, the charger boasts spark-free terminal clamps and short-circuit protection; meeting the AS/NZS 3350.2.29:2001 safety standards.
With a Intec Power XT3 microprocessor, the charger delivers pulsating charging current throughout eight charging stages:
1. Analysis – checks the battery’s condition.
2. Soft Start – to prevent damaging the plates from sudden change in voltage.
3. Bulk Charge – the charging rate is at full power of the set Amps.
4. Absorption – to slowly top up the battery and fully saturate it.
5. Equalisation – a controlled overcharge to remove sulfate crystals.
6. Dynamic Analysis – performs test to determine the battery’s health.
7. Reflash – helps improve battery condition if the previous stage detects poor health.
8. Auto Maintenance – dispenses a float charge to keep batteries in fully saturated charge and optimum condition.

Key features:
• Eight stages of charging, with auto wake-up to keep batteries fully charged and in optimum condition.
• Pulse charging to help desulfate built-up Lead-sulfate deposits on plates, ensuring consistent and reliable battery performance.
• Has a battery maintenance charging mode, to promote longer battery lifespan.
• LiFePO4 compatible, provided the batteries are 12V with a minimum capacity of 15Ah.
• Comes with several safety features, including spark-free terminal clamps, overcharge and overheat protection.
• Designed with an integrated carrying handle, with cable and clamp storage.

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