The Neuton Power brand is YHI Power’s proprietary brand

YHI Power says the Neuton Power brand has been recognised across Australia for over 10 years for its reliability in Australia’s extreme conditions.
YHI Power explains that Neuton Power K batteries are quality batteries made in Korea, with a comprehensive range of automotive batteries from cars to trucks and tractors, marine and MRV as well as start-stop batteries available.
It says the Neuton Power K batteries have a proven record for very low warranty rate in the past five years in Australia.
The batteries are exclusively distributed by YHI Power.

Introducing the Neuton Power K premium range – Silver Series Batteries
YHI Power explains that the K Silver Series are strong and powerful batteries because of their micro fibre and special tissue that are used inside the batteries with micro 4BS crystal structure of active materials. They are punched positive and have an expanded negative plate with unique grid surface design.
YHI Power says these unique grids have a full framed round edge grid design to offer strong physical strength while a wide bridge with strong adhesion of active materials is also applied to better the protection against internal short circuit.
From this design, the service life of the batteries is greatly improved compared to the standard models, according to YHI Power.
YHI Power says that based on the data supplied by its manufacturer engineers, the Silver Series batteries have 25 percent higher starting power and 15 percent higher capacity than other standard maintenance-free batteries.

Key features include:
• Punched Grid for Positive Grid for improved corrosion resistance and longer life; minimised self-discharge, enhancing cold cranking power; uniformed grid dimension and efficient electrical flow; and strong physical strength by full frame rounded edge grid design.
• Unique Grid Surface Design for enhanced adhesion of active materials to grid; and the internal short circuit is protected by wide-bridge and adhesion of active materials.
• Micro 4BS Crystal Structure of Active Materials for extended life cycle by adding special additives in active material and reduced sulfation and stratification throughout charge-discharge cycles.
• Micro Fibre and Special Tissue for enhanced adhesion of active materials.

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