Made by 4WDers, for 4WDers

4WD 24/7 says there’s no recovery kit on the market with the unique combination of gear and a bag like that offered by the new Snatch Recovery Kit developed by 4WD 24/7’s Shaun ‘Shauno’ Wale and Snatch Outdoors.
Having spent two decades of 4WDing all over the country and undertaking thousands of recoveries using all types of 4WD recovery gear, Shauno and Snatch Outdoors has developed what they call the perfect recovery kit, with everything you need to get you out of trouble and nothing that you don’t need.
“No one sells a recovery kit with everything I wanted in it,” Shaun said. “So, we put together a 4WD recovery kit that will let you safely do almost any type of recovery, there isn’t another kit like it on the market.”
After two decades and thousands of recoveries, the Snatch Recovery Kit was developed with a clear goal in mind – it must have everything you need for almost every recovery situation, but nothing that’s not needed, so you aren’t paying for gear you’ll never use.  
Soft shackles have been used instead of metal ones to remove weight and make this kit “so much safer.” Instead of a snatch or pulley block, included is a heavy-duty aluminium winch ring. Removing metal and moving parts from a recovery kit makes the actual recovery safer – but also makes your kit lighter, easier to store and carry. Even the winch extension is a synthetic rope, which is much lighter and easier to store than a traditional strap, especially when it gets wet.
Recovery gear needs to last and perform when you need it, so high-quality snatch straps have been used along with big, thick, tree trunk protectors and premium winch rope for the winch extension strap.
It all comes in a recovery bag like no other – the heavy-duty canvas and PVC recovery bag doesn’t just hold all your gear; it also doubles as a winch blanket which is an essential for every recovery.
“We hate it when the blanket slips down the winch rope, so we added a retention strap to the bag – so you can attach it to your winch hook, stopping it from sliding down mid recovery!” Shaun said.
“No recovery kit on the market has these inclusions (soft shackles, heavy-duty bag, winch ring) – do your own research and you’ll see why the gear and quality we’ve packed into this kit make it one of the best value for money recovery kits money can buy!”

What’s in the kit:
• One 11,000KG 9m Snatch Strap
• One 12,000KG 3m Tree Trunk Protector
• One 9,500KG 15m Winch Extension Rope
• One 12,500KG Winch Ring
• Two 15,000KG Soft Shackles
• All stored in a recovery bag that doubles as a winch damper

“Every recovery I’ve done helped me make the ultimate recovery kit for 4WDers – so this is everything you need for almost every recovery!” Shaun said.

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