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More units have been added to the Jaylec Black Series range of high-performance alternators, with new fitments for 4×4, performance, and heavy-duty vehicles and machinery.
Fifteen new alternators are now available, almost doubling the range, which was first introduced in 2021.
The 4×4 segment has seen the greatest expansion, with eight new Black Series alternators providing options for the Nissan Patrol GU Navara, Toyota LandCruiser and Prado, Holden Colorado, Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X.
These new units join the current 4×4 Black Series alternators which are available for additional popular four-wheel-drives such as the Toyota HiLux, Ford Ranger and F Series.
These alternators are a direct replacement, giving users the ability to run all the accessories they want, with the confidence that their battery packs will be fully maintained.
While in the performance arena, Jaylec has introduced a Black Series alternator, the BKS-110GM, for early US applications such as the 10SI Delco on small block Chev engines, which replaces the standard 78A alternator.
Additionally, the new BKS-110F6 alternator is suitable for Ford 6-cylinder 110A vehicles, replacing the standard 55A alternator.
These factory-look performance units enable fuel injection systems and dual thermo fans, while maintaining battery performance life.
In 2023, Jaylec welcomed two Black Series alternators for the heavy-duty transportation market, and this segment has seen another expansion with five new units added to the range.
For heavy-duty trucks, there is now a Black Series for Isuzu FRR, FSR and FTR models, which offers an increased output to 80A, plus a unit suitable for Mitsubishi FUSO 6D and HD engines.
These direct-fit alternators allow users to run a great number of accessories and extra electrical loads, such as work lamps, beacons, safety lighting, even fridges, while maintaining the batteries at a full stage of charge.
This most recent range expansion has also seen direct-fit Black Series alternators available for machinery such as the Hitachi Excavator EX200 and various heavy-duty equipment from Komatsu.
The entire Jaylec Black Series has been built to a high standard where reliability and performance are key, with the alternators designed specifically for vehicles that demand more than what the OE alternator offered – higher output (amperage) at lower cut-in speeds.
The alternators are designed to run high-demand components at idle, such as dual thermos-fans, injection systems, air conditioning, electric steering, monitoring systems, upgraded lighting systems, winches, while maintaining the battery at the desired levels.
Benefitting from a rigorous design and testing phase, combined with efficient cooling fans and the highest quality bearings, the Black Series alternators can replace and outperform the most popular units in the market today, CoolDrive Auto Parts said.
Finished in an environmental coating for maximum protection and a high-end look and feel, plus OE-matched fitment designs, CoolDrive Auto Parts says these units will bolt on first time, every time.
All Jaylec Black Series alternators have been amperage rated Hot and Cold, which is a leading point of difference for the range in the industry.

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