Morey’s says you should turn to its products

Currently in Australia alone, there are more than 20 million vehicles registered on the road, with only around four percent of these vehicles being EVs or Hybrids.
So, how do you help contribute to protecting the environment? According to Morey’s, there is one simple answer, “turn to Morey’s.”
The average passenger vehicle emits around 4.6 tons of carbon dioxide each year, and the larger the vehicle, the more carbon dioxide emitted.
Even your Hybrid vehicle is going to be emitting carbon dioxide whilst running on its combustion engine. Only all electric vehicles and PHEVs running only on electricity have zero tailpipe emissions.
Morey’s says a well maintained vehicle is definitely going to help with this, although it states the use of fuel treatments like Morey’s Diesel Smoke Killer for diesels and Morey’s Upper Cylinder Lubricant for petrol vehicles will achieve a much better result for a longer period of time.
As your vehicle burns fuel over time carbon deposits start to form, the longer this is left the more carbon builds up, vehicles then tend to run less efficiently and use more fuel, as well as producing more carbon dioxide through the exhaust.
Morey’s says the use of Morey’s fuel treatment prevents this excess carbon build up, creates a better fuel burn, cleans the combustion area, cleans fuel injection systems and lubricates moving parts and seals, which will also help with reducing costly repairs.
For your Hybrid vehicles, whether that be car or truck, if you don’t use the combustion engine a lot, your fuel could also go stale and reduce the properties of the fuel. This can affect how the vehicle runs and poor fuel could also produce gummy residue that could cause damage internally or fuel blockages.
Morey’s explains that its Morey’s fuel treatments are also a fuel stabiliser, keeping your fuel at its peak for a longer period of time.

For more information, visit www.moreyoil.com.au or contact the head office for your nearest re-seller on Free Call 1800 637 173.