Bosch presented several new sensor-based innovations for mobility at the 2023 CES show

Included amongst the presentations from Bosch at CES 2023 in Las Vegas was the RideCare companion solution, which won a Best of Innovation Award from industry association, CTA.
The RideCare companion will play a critical part in the enhancement of safety for all vehicle occupants in connected and automated mobility, Bosch says.
The connected hardware and software solution consists of a camera, a wireless SOS button, and cloud-based data services.
Vehicle drivers can use it to contact Bosch associates around the clock should an accident or other dangerous situation occur.
In the event of an incident, the Bosch associate can look into the vehicle via a camera, assess the situation, and, if necessary, quickly request assistance.
The RideCare companion also serves as a valuable safety net, especially for cab or ridesharing drivers.
Off-zone crash detection also promises greater safety on the road: the system protects vehicle occupants in the event of side collisions, which often occur when changing lanes or crossing intersections. 
Smart sensors combined with a new software algorithm quickly and reliably detect the exact angle of impact in the event of a side collision and trigger the life-saving airbag in time to mitigate the consequences of an accident.
“Our off-zone crash detection is a great example of how we use software to get more out of existing hardware. This creates an appreciable additional benefit in road transport,” Bosch North America President, Mike Mansuetti, said.
Bosch is a pioneer and market leader in microelectromechanical (MEMS) sensors – one of the most important and widely used sensor types today.
“We started production of MEMS sensors in 1995. In the past five years, we have produced as many of these sensors as in all the years before that,” said Tanja Rückert, a Member of the Board of Management at Robert Bosch GmbH at CES.
Since it began manufacturing them 27 years ago, the technology company has produced a total of more than 18 billion MEMS sensors; today, there are an average of 22 of them in every car.
Bosch is currently the top MEMS sensor manufacturer, according to Yole Group*, a market research and strategy consulting company. 
By 2027, global annual demand for such sensors is expected to grow from 33.5 billion now to around 49 billion units.
Bosch also wants to share in this growth and expects a further significant increase in production figures in the years ahead.

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*Source: Status of the MEMS Industry report, Yole Intelligence, 2022