At Expo, two new specialist zones delivered hands-on technical training right on the show floor

Introduced for the first time at the 2024 Australian Auto Aftermarket and Collision Repair Expos, the ADAS Technology Zone and Expo Electrified Zone were exceptionally well-patronised across the entirety of the event.
In response to calls from the industry for hands-on learning opportunities in these areas, the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) partnered with ADAS Solutions and The Automotive Technician’s (TaT) EV and Hybrid Network to deliver interactive learning sessions across all three days of the show, with each and every session over-subscribed.
“In the ADAS Technology Zone, we worked with ADAS Solutions to present how ADAS systems work, what you need to look out for, what equipment ranges are out there, and exactly when a recalibration would be required,” AAAA Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Charity, said.
“Also discussed were the benefits of doing ADAS calibration in-house or outsourcing to experts. Importantly, it was not about selling any particular kind of equipment, it was about education, and we were so pleased to see workshop owners, technicians and apprentices lining up each day to pack out every one of the live demonstration and interactive sessions using the vehicles and equipment on-site.
“And it was a similar story at Expo Electrified. There has been a lot of talk about the move to electrification with hybrid and battery electric vehicles and everything that is happening with the government’s New Vehicle Efficiency Standards.
“What we are going to see over the next five years is quite a substantial change in the vehicles people buy in Australia, and our industry needs to be ready for this.
“As such, we were very proud to partner with TaT to deliver technical training – steering away from the PowerPoint presentations of old, instead the experts at TaT were able to take technicians through different stations of components, tooling and equipment to complete modules.”
The Expo Electrified Zone also displayed a Ford F-150 Lightning, which was brought over from the US by the AAAA in conjunction with the AIC, as part of a grant by the Victorian Government’s Zero Emission Vehicles Commercial Sector Innovation Fund.
“Having the F-150 on display was definitely a real highlight, and with the tub off we could show the battery and control modules and really help technicians immerse themselves into what the tech is all about and really understand what they need to set themselves up in the workshop to work in this area,” Stuart said.
“Like in the ADAS Technology Zone, all of the sessions at Expo Electrified were over-subscribed, and we were so pleased to see how valued they were by those attending.
“As our Expo theme says, the future is here, and it is our hope that all those that attended these zones at Expo now have some new knowledge and skills to take back to their workshops as we all continue to tackle this unprecedented time of change together.”
The Expo Electrified Zone was made possible by The Automotive Technician, along with supporting sponsors Autel, CoolDrive, mycar Tyre and Auto, Repco Authorised Service, Valeo, Century Batteries and Infinitev.
The ADAS Technology Zone was made possible by ADAS Solutions Australia, along with supporting sponsors Autel, Valeo, Goss, Injectronics and Hella Gutmann.

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