Ryco continued to demonstrate its commitment to future technologies at AAAExpo

With a display dedicated to Ryco’s filter range for EV and hybrid vehicles, visitors were able to learn and understand just what kind of maintenance goes into the protection of EV vehicles that are becoming more common on Australian roads.
In addition to this, Ryco’s Supercars display showcased its high efficiency filters made especially for the Supercars Gen3 engine.
Ryco’s main attraction was a signed James Courtney 2023 bumper on display, with the opportunity for stand-goers to submit a survey and enter the draw to win the bumper.
Those surprised to see the Ryco stand wall art come to life were drawn in to learn what sort of technology the Ryco team developed for Supercars and where this technology is heading.
From here the Ryco team were able to lead visitors to the Toyota LandCruiser 200 on display, boasting Ryco’s 4×4 upgrade kits including an RCC360 Catch Can and Fuel Water Separator with the S102XK Bluetooth Sensor Kit.
Most importantly though, it gave Ryco the opportunity to demonstrate it’s all new A5001R Ryco NanoCel High Efficiency Air Filter in its appropriate application.
Ryco’s newest air filter is the first of many in a new range that will be utilising Supercars technology for vehicles outside of motorsport.
It is made of flame retardant and hydrophobic nano-fibre coated media with patented honeycomb cell pleating construction which was the inspiration behind the name for the newest edition to this range.
Ryco says the A5001R incorporates a total of 4.2 times more filtration media compared to the OE equivalent which has 1sqm of media.
Ryco presented its comprehensive range helping highlight the importance of these filters and the technology developed in order to see them meet or exceed OE standards.

For more information, visit www.rycofilters.com