Available now from Terrain Tamer

Terrain Tamer has recently released its newest innovation in the form of its Fortified Plus Clutch Kits.
Coming several years after the release of the brand’s original Fortified Clutch range, Terrain Tamer says this new standard in Clutch technology extends on its existing catalogue of standard replacement and heavy-duty clutch kits.
Superseding the previous Fortified range, the Fortified PLUS Clutches are OE manufactured and exclusive to Terrain Tamer, following the company legacy of producing stronger, improved parts for 4WD applications.
Terrain Tamer says the Fortified Plus Clutch range was purposely designed with the extreme weight and engine capacity of armoured vehicles in mind and offers up to an impressive 80 percent increase in torque capacity, making it perfect for vehicles with GVM upgrades, where the clutch is often the weakest point; or for those carrying extremely heavy loads or with increased power from upgrades such as chips, aftermarket exhausts and turbos.
After many years of developing and testing a variety of designs and friction materials, the Fortified Plus Clutch range employs exclusive Terrain Tamer tooling, and all components have been made in Japan, including an innovative clutch disc design that utilises Clutchtex Kevlar material on both the engine and transmission facings, to combat shuddering – a technology Terrain Tamer explains has not previously been used in the 4WD industry.
This Kevlar compound offers a significant strength increase and up to two-three times more longevity than the OE counterpart, paired with smoother engagement and a softness which ensures the flywheel and pressure plate remain unmarked.
This design also features an increase in damper spring capacity, friction material coefficient and the burst strength of the facing. Where applicable, it also features a three-stage damper design.
The Fortified Plus Clutch cover assembly is anodised for maximum corrosion resistance and features a spheroidal graphite anti burst pressure plate casting in order to both assist in the extended life of the clutch and allow it to run cooler in extreme situations.
It offers higher clamp loads and additional drive straps for strength, where required.
A small but growing range of Terrain Tamer’s Fortified Plus Clutches is now available.

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