The company says it is offering “unparalleled lighting prowess” with its new release

Roadvision invites you to “unleash your vehicle’s full lighting potential and redefine your driving experience,” with the new S8 Stealth Series by Roadvision.
The S8 Stealth Series Driving Lights by Roadvision are said to set a new standard in lighting performance for larger 4WDs and trucks.
Roadvision says these cutting-edge eight-inch lights offer “a blend of contemporary design, powerful illumination, and unmatched durability, elevating the driving experience for off-road enthusiasts and professionals alike.”
“We are excited to announce the launch of the new Stealth S8 Series Driving Lights,” Roadvision Product Manager, Andrew Bird, said.
“We strive to redefine what’s possible in automotive lighting, and the S8 Stealth Series Driving Lights are a testament to that commitment.”
With contemporary black mounting hardware and innovative dual colour HALO Daytime Running Lights (DRL), these sleek lights feature a stylish bezel-less design.
The white/amber HALO DRL not only enhances safety during the day, but also adds a distinct visual flair to your vehicle.
Included with the S8 Stealth Series is a unique light cover that enables the HALO DRL to remain visible when in use.
Boasting 24 x 6W Cree LEDs per light, Roadvision says the S8 Stealth Series illuminates with an impressive 7937lm per light.
With this level of lighting prowess, it says these lights ensure exceptional visibility in various driving conditions, making them ideal for off-road adventures.
Projecting a remarkable beam penetration of 768 metres (1086 metres per pair) at one lux, thanks to Roadvision’s Thermal Management Technology, the S8 Stealth Series deliver effective illumination for objects at a considerable distance, crucial for off-road driving and long-distance visibility.
At the same time, Roadvision explains that its Thermal Management Technology efficiently dissipates heat, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh conditions.
It says this feature significantly contributes to the longevity and dependability of the lights.
“Our commitment to innovation, durability, and performance is at the core of our product development,” Andrew said.
With a seven-year warranty, these lights are built to withstand tough Aussie conditions.
Featuring robust yet lightweight aluminium housing and durable polycarbonate lenses, these lights are resistant to damage from rocks, debris, and the elements.
The S8 Stealth Series deliver the benefits of nine-inch light output while enjoying a sleeker, more rugged appearance.
The eight-inch driving lights come with a low-profile mounting bracket to optimise the use of your bull bar space.
Roadvision says the S8 Stealth Series Driving Lights are a game-changer for those who demand the best in lighting for their 4WDs and trucks.
It states these lights “redefine what is possible in terms of performance, durability, and design, offering a unique and powerful lighting solution for any off-road adventure.”

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