Flashlube’s family of premium automotive lubricants and additives continues to grow

Flashlube has now released its new DOT4 Brake Fluid to the market.
Compatible with all common hydraulic brake system parts, Flashlube says its DOT4 Brake Fluid has been developed using synthetic polyglycol fluids, designed to deliver the correct hydraulic braking requirements for all DOT4 specified applications.
It is important for drivers to be able to trust that they are using a product which provides both performance and safety, and that as they apply pressure to the brake pedal, the vehicle will, of course, stop as needed.
As the pedal is depressed, brake fluid is pressurised and sent through the brake hydraulic lines, forcing the pistons into the brake callipers, compressing the brake pads onto the disc rotors and effectively, causing the vehicle to come to a stop.
This process causes a build-up of heat and increases brake fluid temperature, and so Brake Fluid must maintain a consistent viscosity and temperature parameters to meet the vehicle’s requirements.
Flashlube explains that its DOT4 Brake Fluid features a higher boiling point, allowing it to stay consistent and provide the driver with responsive and efficient braking even in harder, high pressure braking applications.
DOT4 Brake Fluid is also compatible with other low-temperature and non-silicone based brake fluids, such as DOT3 and DOT5.1.
Flashlube DOT4 Brake Fluid is Australian made and currently available in a 500ml opaque bottle, featuring an easy side view guide and measuring markings.

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