A second Modified Fifth Gear Set has been released by the company

Terrain Tamer has recently released a second Modified Fifth Gear Set, suitable for Hilux, Prado and an expanded range of 70 series LandCruiser models.
The original Modified Fifth Gear set was released in 2017 and designed to fit 70 Series V8 Toyota LandCruiser vehicles.
A commonly raised issue for these models is that the engines run at unnecessarily high RPMs when travelling at highway or cruising speeds.
A speed of 100km/hr in fifth gear can equate to approximately 2400rpm, causing loud engine noise, excessive fluid temperatures and poor fuel consumption, with a detrimental long-term effect on engine durability.
A second gear set has now been developed for a further range of vehicles, that have since been increasingly reported to experience the same problems.
Terrain Tamer explains that it has developed its Modified Gear Sets to feature a taller fifth gear, as a direct replacement for the OE fitted part.
This brings the original gear ratio of .881 down to .736, reducing RPM by up to 20 percent, and effectively resulting in improved engine stability, addressing any fuel efficiency or running temperature issues that may arise from the original gear and generally offering a smoother and quieter drive.
Developed at Terrain Tamer’s head office in Melbourne, this taller gear has been made from 62 strength Rockwell hardened steel by an OE manufacturer in Japan, to meet exclusive Terrain Tamer tooling specifications.
Terrain Tamer Modified Fifth Gear Sets can be purchased individually or in gearbox overhaul kits.

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