Available now from Terrain Tamer

Terrain Tamer says its new Front Brake Upgrade Kits provide improved brake performance for selected vehicles, combining large six and eight pot caliper designs and Kevlar ceramic brake pads and a larger slotted and dimpled rotor.
Included in the kits are enlarged two-piece Aluminium forged brake calipers, along with matching caliper brackets and bolts.
Each caliper features either six or eight forged Aluminium pistons.
These calipers join with the 356mm 10-slot and dimpled Geomet-coated rotors, reportedly providing a 40 percent increase in swept area in comparison with OE rotors, as well as a set of Kevlar ceramic low dust brake pads and high-grade alloy steel brake pad insulators.
Terrain Tamer explains that this bigger braking surface provides improved performance and more stopping power, stating that Australian engineering tests have shown an average of 14 percent improvement in braking distance for vehicles fitted with the Front Brake Upgrade only, and up to 21 percent when fitted along with a Terrain Tamer Rear Disc Conversion Kit.
Also included are stainless steel abutments and braided brake hoses, which offer reduced swelling and an extended lifespan.
Front Brake Upgrade Kits are currently available for a range of Toyota 79 Series and Hilux, Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado, Isuzu DMax and Mazda BT50 models.
Fully engineered and ADR approved, Terrain Tamer says the kits should only be installed by a qualified mechanic and must be checked and signed off by an engineer after installation to meet state regulations.

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