Suspension to meet your on and/or off-road needs

Powerdown says that its Raw 4×4 brand understands that Australia’s terrain is some of the most diverse and demanding in the world; and that every 4WDriver has a unique purpose for their vehicle, and they do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach.
For this reason, Raw offers tailor made, built-for-purpose solutions, with a wide range of multiple leaf, coil springs and shock absorber options.
The Raw 4×4 online kit builder is specifically designed to ensure that the correct combination of suspension components are chosen, to best suit your load carrying and ride handling needs.
When it comes to shock absorbers, Raw explains that each of its designs are built for purpose.

Raw Nitro
A gas shock absorber that will improve ride quality through reducing body roll and increasing vehicle stability; it combines an expanded body for extra oil capacity and nitrogen gas for additional cooling purposes.
Raw Nitro shock absorbers are recommended for the recreational 4WDriver looking to lift their vehicle and improve overall suspension performance.

Raw Nitro Max
Based on Powerdown’s proven 45mm bore, truck shock technology, it is designed, developed and manufactured for an ultra-reliable, long service life and tuned for off-road performance.
Raw Nitro Max is developed specifically for vehicles operating under heavy loads over long distances, on demanding terrain.

Raw Predator
A fast acting monotube design gives consistent performance on and off road. Its single wall construction efficiently dissipates heat; resulting in sharper steering response, less body roll and improved traction.
The Raw Predator series is Australian made and designed specifically for 4×4 owners looking for that, sometimes elusive, combination of comfort and control, with a 50/50 balance of off-road and on-road use.

For more information, visit to check out the online kit builder.