Roadsafe is innovating for the road ahead

Roadsafe has been manufacturing and supplying Australia’s automotive trade with what it calls the widest range of replacement steering and suspension components for more than four decades.
It says that as Australia’s leading supplier of automotive aftermarket steering and suspension components, it has embarked on a new brand marketing platform that captures the factors that make Roadsafe the country’s unparalleled leader for these integral automotive replacement products.
“Roadsafe – For The Road Ahead” is said to signify how this Australian steering and suspension component brand is always moving forward, constantly expanding the precision engineered Roadsafe range through suspension product innovation and development.
A brand new Roadsafe logo accompanies the new “For The Road Ahead” positioning statement, along with brand new product packaging, a new website (at and new marketing collateral across all of the Roadsafe product categories.
These categories include Roadsafe STR (Street and Passenger Vehicles), Roadsafe 4WD, Roadsafe HD (Heavy Duty) and Roadsafe CLS (Classic Vehicles).
These product segments are boosted by new and innovative steering and suspension components engineered by Aussies for Aussies in order to best meet the demands of our specific driving conditions.
Moving forward for The Road Ahead also means that there is no compromise on product quality, with all Roadsafe steering and suspension components subject to stringent manufacturing standards and rigorous local testing.
The company’s products have been tested vigorously including cyclic, FEA, destruction and drop testing, ensuring their complete suitability and reliability in Australian conditions. This is particularly important and relevant for the Roadsafe 4WD product range.

Offering an unsurpassed range of chassis products in Australia, Roadsafe says it is its expertise that makes it Australia’s leading steering and suspension product supplier.
The company’s own R&D and Innovation Centre is said to be equipped with the most modern technology to custom design suspension components to best suit the Australian automotive aftermarket.
Roadsafe says highly experienced and attentive customer service is also integral to the company’s market leading success, with warehouse locations across multiple states ensuring that high demand is met by strong national supply rates, supported by industry leading print and online cataloguing.
Further, it says that the highest level of Roadsafe innovation and development is found across the entire Roadsafe steering and suspension product range, headed by the company’s precision engineered and solution oriented 4WD product range, designed by passionate four-wheel drivers for their fellow four-wheel drivers.
Roadsafe says it makes 4WD steering and suspension enhancement easy through the company’s engineering experience, stating this is a major reason why this is also the destination for so many Australian 4WD Specialists for their suspension product replacement requirements.
The Roadsafe steering and suspension product range also includes specific vehicle application engineered Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends, Rack Ends, Drag Links, Relay Rods, Track Rods, Idler / Pitman Arms, Sway Bar Links and Control Arms.

To locate your nearest Roadsafe stockist, visit Roadsafe online at or call 03 8687 1700.