Ideal for caravanners, motorhome owners and “van lifers”

Having “revolutionised Australia’s caravan and camping fridge market,” myCOOLMAN has now announced the launch of its new myCOOLMAN Roof Top Air Conditioner.
It says no longer will caravanners, motorhome owners or “van lifers” have to swelter in Summer or shiver in Winter, with myCOOLMAN’s powerful 3000w output air conditioner ensuring campers can stay cool in Summer and toasty warm in Winter.
The myCOOLMAN Roof Top Air Conditioner also has Anti Vibration Intercooling Technology (AVIT), which refers to the fact it has a market first heat exchanger to improve efficiency and longevity fitted as well as a computer balanced fan with inverter technology to reduce vibration/noise overall.
“We are very proud to officially launch the myCOOLMAN Roof Top Air Conditioner to the Australia market,” Leisure-Tec Australia Chief Executive Officer, Paul Widdis, said.
“myCOOLMAN has built a very strong reputation for our groundbreaking single and dual zone fridges for the caravan, camping and 4WD market and we believe the technology and design we have developed with the roof top air conditioner can have the same impact in the caravan, motorhome and van life movement in providing world class air conditioning.
“We have spent a significant time in developing and testing in Australia’s harshest conditions to ensure that we developed an air conditioner that would meet the needs of Australian caravanners and campers.”
The myCOOLMAN Roof Top Air Conditioner is sleek, modern, aerodynamic design and also has full Bluetooth capability allowing full control from your smartphone.
Leisure-Tec says the myCOOLMAN incorporates cutting-edge technology to reduce power consumption, making it ideal for off-grid 12V systems and environmentally conscious users.
Further, it states the myCOOLMAN Roof Top Air Conditioner boasts a smooth, soft start feature and operates at whisper-quiet levels, ensuring your comfort without any unnecessary disruptions.
Weighing in at just 35kg, including the Air Distribution Box (ADB), the myCOOLMAN Roof Top Air Conditioner is designed for easy manoeuvrability, allowing you to install it effortlessly wherever you desire.
For hassle-free installation, the myCOOLMAN Roof Top Air Conditioner comes with both 400×400 and 360×360 sealing frames, along with bonus roof thickness adaptors, which Leisure-Tec says ensures a perfect fit in any setup.
The included Air Distribution Box (ADB) features a slimline design with multiple airflow angles, offering precise control over the direction of air flow. Plus, it adds an element of mood lighting to enhance your ambiance with a selection of colours to choose from.

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